Laptops biometric scan a big failure

Posted on November 16, 2009


Several new notebooks models no longer need you to enter a password to log in. your face is scanned with bio metric software, and facial features are detected to unlock the PC. However, experts from Bikis internet security in Vietnam have proven how easy these are to defeat. Despite more recent versions of the technique using multiple images shoot in different conditions to improve accuracy, the software updated by several major manufactures was proven to be so weak that anyone could simply hold a printed image of the owner to unlock the laptops. In some cases, even the owners face book profile photo could be printed and used. In some cases the researchers needed to create high-contrast versions of the same photos, but they still worked.

PC users are advised that these scanners more of a gimmick to sell the product that the actual security. Fingerprint scanners are fare better and more effective that biometric scans.

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Posted in: Desktops, Laptops