Google news for mobile

Posted on November 23, 2009


Google Introduces new rich and personalize version of ‘Google News’ for iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre users. Google always try to deliver consistent user experience across products and devices and acts upon according to the feedback. Google News for mobile is now available in 29 languages and 70 editions.

Google has come up with an entire new version of Google News for mobile. Google Introduces new version of News for iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre users.

Google has already introduced a mobile-optimized version of Google News for other phones, such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and S60, and trying to fuse more improvements to those in the near future

Google new version of ‘News ‘ anticipates the same richness and personalization on your phone as Google News provides on desktop.

The application’s homepage presents more stories, sources, and images. The new version not only promises to keep a familiar look and feel for users but also allows the users to search favorite sections, discover new ones, search articles and play videos in fewer clicks.

Google this new version also delivers all the personalization of Google News reader on desktop to mobile phone.

*(The information is shared by Google official mobile blog post)

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