Virtual Desktop Solutions from VMware

Posted on November 25, 2009


VMware Inc, a global leader in virtualization solutions, today announced new initiatives around its core products – VMware View, the VMware vCenter Product Family, and VMware vSphere.

“We are offering our customers one platform for all of their IT and virtualization needs, from deployment to management and support. With new offerings VMWare hopes to drive ‘business infrastructure virtualization’ adoption in India and help enterprises to shift focus from maintenance to enhancing efficiency and innovation”said,  T Srinivasan, managing director, VMware India and SAARC.

Business infrastructure virtualization enables organizations to virtualize all IT assets – from desktop, through the data center and extending out to the cloud – by leveraging a common virtualization platform and set automated management processes. This effective remove boundaries both within the data center, as well as across the operating infrastructure of the businesses.

The VMware MD said that in order to make virtualization complete across all the departments, VMware has worked with a number partners companies how include right from chip makers to server manufactures and also networking companies.

According to Srinivasan, most businesses today equate virtualization with capital expenditure savings that results from server consolidation. With a broader vitalization strategy, as defined by business infrastructure virtualization, Indian businesses increasingly realize that they can achieve even more, through saving from financial,human and the energy.

On the virtualization adoption by Indian enterprises, Srinivasan said though the enterprises had been initially reluctant to adopt virtualization, “the time has come for virtualization. Today, we are at a  maturity curve, he added.