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Posted on December 10, 2009


Google, NY Times and Wash Post come together To Develop Online News Story

Search engine giant Google is teaming up with The Washington Post and The New York Times to create a new online tool that is intended to rank articles on major news stories as they develop. The feature, named as Living Stories, is proposed to offer a varied online news experience by creating a particular page where readers can tag on one story line in the news as new developments happen.

Living Stories groups coverage of a particular subject matter from a news organization under a single URL, or Web address.
The terrorist attack on Mumbai, India last year, for instance, is presented on a single Web page with links to news articles, opinion columns, photos, video, graphics and other material.

The page includes a synopsis of important developments with links to Times stories, a timeline of significant events, profiles of important players and links to archived stories such as coverage of the recent developments regarding the same.

“A regular newspaper article leads with the most important and interesting news, and follows with added information of decreasing importance,” says Google. “Information from earlier reporting is often repeated with each new online article, and the same article is presented to everyone regardless of whether they already read it. Living Stories makes a different approach that plays to certain unique advantages of online publishing. They unify coverage on a single, dynamic page with a consistent URL. They organize information by developments in the story. They call your attention to changes in the story since you last viewed it so you can easily find the new material. Through a succinct summary of the whole story and regular updates, they offer a different online approach to balancing the overview with depth and context.”

Users can sign up for e-mail alerts that will go out when a given page is updated. They can also select how they prefer to view the articles on the page — by “most important,” “newest first” or “oldest first” — and scroll up or down through a list of stories.
Living Stories are currently only available in English, and are not designed to necessarily support mobile devices yet.

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