AMD’s Bulldozer Processors

Posted on September 7, 2011


Processor Company AMD has announced shipments of its first processor based on its Bulldozer architecture.

AMD’s Bulldozer is it’s answer to Intel’s high end i7 processor. The first chips, codenamed “Interlagos”, have been in production since August, and are compatible with AMD’s Opteron 6100 Series platforms and architecture.

The chips are the world’s first 16-core x86 processor, and are part of AMD’s complete product refresh. Rather than being upgrades to AMD’s rather tired architecture, the chips have been designed from the ground up by the world’s second most important processor company.

“The flexible new ‘Bulldozer’ architecture will give Web and datacenter customers the scalability they need to handle emerging cloud and virtualization workloads.”

 Bulldozer Design Breakdown

* Two tightly coupled x86 Processing Engines Per Module

(1 x Module = Dual-Core, 2 x Module(s) = Quad-Core, 4 x Module(s) = Octa-Core etc…)

* Advanced Multi-Threading Technology

* Two 128-bit FMAM Floating Point Units Per Module

(Can be combined into one 256-bit FPU per module)

* Shared L2 Cache among each module

* Shared L3 Cache among all cores

* Advanced Quad-Channel Memory Sub-System

(IMC – Integrated Memory Controller)

* Higher Memory Level Parallelism

* Two Integer Cores each w\ 4 pipelines Per Module

* DDR3-1866

* 8MB of L3 Cache (L2 Cache unknown)

* 32nm SOI w/ High-K Metal Gate (HKMG)

* Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)

(Supports 256-Bit FP Operations via AVX)

* Hyper Transport Technology 3.1

(3.20 GHz, 6.4 GT/s, 51.6 GB/s, 32-channel link)

* Socket AM3r2 (Socket AM2, AM2+ & AM3 compatible)

* Min-Max Power Usage – 10-100 watts

* and so on…

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