The World of Cloud Storage

Posted on March 31, 2012


As we might think that all the cloud environments provided by different service providers are almost similar.
In the World of Cloud Storage Not all storage clouds perform alike when it comes to moving huge files from one to another.

‘Bulk Data Migration in the Cloud’, the speed and performance depend mainly on which cloud one uses, and surprisingly also on factors such as time of day and number of compute machines used to transfer data.

The least amount of time taken to migrate a 1 Terabyte storage volume will be:

  • Amazon S3 to another Amazon S3 bucket: Just over 30 min
  • Amazon S3 to Microsoft Windows Azure: 4 hours
  • Amazon S3 to Rackspace: Just under 2 days
  • Microsoft Windows Azure to Amazon S3: 30 min
  • Rackspace to Amazon S3: 45 min

The major limiting element appears to be the cloud’s write capability, as all transfers to Amazon S3 were between four to five hours, whereas writing to Microsoft Windows Azure and Rackspace was at least an order of magnitude longer.

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