Born on 16th Oct in Pearl City of India, where the Moghul buildings and its state of art buildings along with Necklace road makes its picturesque. Along with 100 million other people on the planet, I speak Telugu as my first language. However, I think I am good in my zeroth language which is English.

I just started my computers & network updates blog here, though I am still learning to fit into it.

About my name:

If you speak French, you should pronounce my name as Kireunne raasukachhula.
If you speak English, you should pronounce my name as Kirun Rasukachula.

In Sanskrit, kiran means ray.
Varanasi is the name of an ancient city in India. This name comes from two words varuna and asi.
Varuna (Ourano/Uranus) is the vedic god of rain and natural elements. Asi means sword.
So, varanasi means the sword of varuna – which is lightning.

Thus, my name translates into Ray Lightning (Rayon d’Éclair in French).

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