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Google, NY Times and Wash Post come together To Develop Online News Story:
Search engine giant Google is teaming up with The Washington Post and The New York Times to create a new online tool that is intended to rank articles on major news stories as they develop.

Google Unveils Real-Time Results With Photo Search Features:
Real time search results will prove useful during situations when people need updated information constantly, and aggregate them from various sources.

YouTube makes videos “Feather” light:
YouTube launched an experimental “Feather” feature on Thursday that slims down online videos for delivery to places where the Internet is unable to handle heavy data traffic.

Gmail gets Offline Attachment Support:
Adding attachments to Gmail can be quite a pain at times when the Internet connection is slow or intermittent. Google has been improving attachment feature in Gmail and has now brought offline attachment support for it. Of course, the Offline Gmail is powered by Google Gears introduced in January this year. Google Chrome web browser users have Google Gears already installed.

Virtual Desktop Solutions from VMware:
VMware Inc, a global leader in virtualization solutions, today announced new initiatives around its core products – VMware View, the VMware vCenter Product Family, and VMware vSphere.

Google news for mobile:
Google news for mobile seems to be an almost indispensable tool for users on the move. Google now enhances the service. The official Google Mobile blogspot shares a completely new Google News offering for iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre users.

Google Chrome OS Preview:
Google is providing a sneak peak at the Chrome OS today. Maybe the Google Midas touch can succeed where decades of Apple and Linux have failed–denting Microsoft’s OS dominance.

Yahoo losses to Google & Bing:
Yahoo continues to lose share in the search market, as Google and Microsoft pick up the difference.

Social search function by Google:
Google is testing a new social search function to make it easier for people to find their friends’ blogs and twitter feeds.

Launch of search engine for internet users announced:
TipTop Technologies, a leading search technology company, and ITC Infotech on Monday announced the launch of a search engine – TipTop

Google’s SPDY protocol to speed up web browsing:
Google’s, ‘let’s make the web faster’ initiative aims to bring the ease of turning the pages of a book. to the web. Towards that end the search engine company has been experimenting with alternative protocols to cut the latency of web pages.

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