The World of Cloud Storage

March 31, 2012


As we might think that all the cloud environments provided by different service providers are almost similar. In the World of Cloud Storage Not all storage clouds perform alike when it comes to moving huge files from one to another.

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AMD’s Bulldozer Processors

September 7, 2011


Processor Company AMD has announced shipments of its first processor based on its Bulldozer architecture. AMD’s Bulldozer is it’s answer to Intel’s high end i7 processor. The first chips, codenamed “Interlagos”, have been in production since August, and are compatible with AMD’s Opteron 6100 Series platforms and architecture. The chips are the world’s first 16-core […]

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installing Windows 7 from USB Drive

January 13, 2011


How do you install an OS when your netbook or a notebook does not have any optical drive? One way is to buy an external optical drive but the other, more interesting one, is explained............

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Now Upload and View Videos in Google Docs

January 12, 2011


Google Docs is becoming a more robust cloud-based productivity suite, and the addition of uploading, storing and viewing videos is a boon for sharing corporate presentations and the like.

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Facebook Users get McAfee security

January 15, 2010


Facebook's 350 million users will now get six months of free McAfee Internet Security Suite

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Google’s Online News Story

December 10, 2009


Google, NY Times and Wash Post come together To Develop Online News Story

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Google Unveils Real-Time Results With Photo Search Features

December 8, 2009


Real time search results will prove useful during situations when people need updated information constantly, and aggregate them from various sources.

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